From Seismic Noise to 3D Underground Fluid Displacement

Join us in launching the Lightest Underground Monitoring Solution to detect Leaks and Fluid Movements.

Our mission

Through strong R&D partnerships, GeoLinks' is committed to address key unmet needs of the Energy Transition Industry Players through New and Cost Effective Geoscience Solutions.

The large scale deployment of Underground Energy Storage and CO2 Storage is mandatory to achieve the objectives of limiting global warming under the 1.5°C.

Our goal at GeoLinks is to deliver safe and cost effective Underground Monitoring Solutions to allow such a large scale deployment.

Our New Solution for Monitoring the Underground

The lightest Underground Monitoring Solution allowing us to see changes in Fluid Saturation using One Single Sensor

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Our New Solution for Monitoring the Underground

Our Partners Network

As a start-up we are eager grow and help others grow too! Working with our network of industry and academic partners, we build and deliver the best solutions to our clients, and we bring new clients to our partners.

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