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« My motivation for GeoLinks: tranforming promising academic discoveries in Geosciences into high value Field Services addressing the needs of today's energy transition. »

Fréderic Moinet

« The geosciences' community has a big role to play in addressing the unprecedented challenges of  global warming and energy supply ! I’m convinced that a much more collaborative approach is required to deliver the right solutions at the right time. »

Jean Charles Ferran

« After  years of passionate work in seismic exploration, I realize that subsurface data is very often mismanaged in the energy sector. This translates into a waste of time and efficiency, to the detriment of a rapid adoption of new solutions in Geosciences! »

Pascal Mouquet

Our Values


We always start from the Industrial Need


We don't Reinvent the Wheel


"Necessity is the Mother of invention"

The Team

Jean-charles Ferran


Throughout my 30 year career in Seismic, I always enjoyed taking on new challenges and working across different business entities, all with the aim to develop new technologies, new opportunities, and to create more value.

Today the Geoscience community is at the heart of the Energy Transition - by developing and implementing new CO2 emission reduction solutions we can help tackle climate change, by exploring new energy and mineral resources we can solve energy poverty and support the development of renewable energies.

I’m convinced that a more collaborative approach, focused on unmet industrial needs, will bring new, valuable solutions to the current Energy Transition period. This is my main motivation for co-founding GeoLinks in 2020.

Fréderic Moinet

VP Sales & Operations

Geophysicist since 1995, I first worked on the technical side and studied Full elastic Waveform Inversion (FWI). After completing my PhD from the University of Grenoble in 1997, I joined CGG Geosciences where I held several management positions in the onshore seismic acquisition services department. I was then Country Manager in South Africa and spent the last three years of my career as Business Manager for Africa.

Since January 2020, with Jean-Charles and Pascal, I co-founded GeoLinks with the motivation to work on the evolving role of Geoscience in today’s energy transition.

Throughout my career, I have been working with key players in the Oil, Gas and Mining sectors, bringing innovation and research projects into Field Operations to meet client demands.

Today with GeoLinks, I transform promising academic discoveries in Geosciences to Industrial and Operational solutions for Energy Transition players and practitioners.          

Pascal Mouquet

VP Data Management & Consulting

After more than 20 years of passionate work in seismic exploration worldwide, I have seen first hand that subsurface data is often mismanaged in the energy sector. This results in not only a loss of time and efficiency, but also creates unreliable information - impairing or even damaging the decision making process.

Joining and graduating from the MSc in Petroleum Data Management (2019, IFP School and National School of Geographic Sciences) has expanded my domain of expertise in Geographic Information Systems and Data Management and enabled me to implement best-practices in the solutions that I provide.

In 2020, we decided to co-found GeoLinks in order to bring new solutions to the Energy sector. Data management is at the core of the new Geoscience solutions we deliver.

Christophe Voisin

Scientific Director

I am a CNRS researcher in seismology in Grenoble, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France since 2002.

I have developed a passive seismology based technique to track the fluids and the diffusion fronts at large depths in natural context (CNRS patent).

When GeoLinks proposed me to transfer this technology to the industrial challenges of underground gas storage and CO2 sequestration, I decided to take the plunge and join GeoLinks to bring my scientific expertise and technical support to their project.

Thomas Kremer


I have a PhD in Applied Geophysics, graduated from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris.

Initially, I was a specialist in electrical and electromagnetic methods, which I developed for applications such as monitoring geological storage sites (CO2, nuclear waste), or prospecting water resources. 

Throughout my academic experience, I have always enjoyed performing applied research, addressing industrial issues and in partnership with industries. This is my main motivation to join GeoLinks.

Our Strategic Committee

Lionel Lhommet

Ex EVP for CGG, Chairman, Board Director and Fund Raising with Technology Innovation Start-Up

Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol

BRGM, President Emeritus CO2GeoNet

Gehrig Schultz

COO Geoscience - EPI Group, Founder SURUS Geophysical

Jean Virieux

Emeritus professor of Earth Sciences, ISTerre Univ. Grenoble Alpes

Frédéric Hovart

CEO and Co-Founder GLOBALIS

Christophe Maisons

Ex-founder MAGNITUDE, ex BakerHughes

Anne Frisch

CEO & founder Aquafin, Adjunct Professor HEC

Ralph Fraile

Business Transformation Leader

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