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Want to rejuvenate the way you manage your data? We create data management software from its design to the end product based on your needs

Technical Support and Development for Subsurface Data Management

Data is Your Asset, its Management is Our Business

Access to key information for your unique and specific environment requires a smart and pragmatic approach to data management, enhancing the value of your data and information assets.

At GeoLinks we work on all facets of data, from it's acquisition and technical management to ensuring that data is properly utilized and leveraged.

We develop tailored data management solutions in line with your needs, scale and budget.

We propose our 70 years past professional experience in the seismic industry to assist in taking the right decision

Consulting Services in Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing

For the success of your seismic exploration project

We offer our expertise and professional track record from 3 decades in the seismic industry to assist you in taking the right decisions for your company.

Expertise domains: Geophysical Data integrity, Survey Design, HSE, Seismic operations.

Services: Feasibility seismic surveys, Seismic 3D Design, Tender Preparation, Selection Process, In-Field Seismic Crew Consulting (Data flow QC, HSE).

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