Internship 5 to 6 months from February-April 2021

Internship 5 to 6 months from February-April 2021

Master 2 Internship in Geosciences for 5 to 6 months from March 2021

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February 21, 2021
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Join the GeoLinks team for your internship!

Geolinks is the integrator of new solutions in Geosciences. Start-up created in January 2020, our mission is to offer innovative solutions in Geosciences from the acquisition of new geophysical data to their integration into the customer's existing data environment.


At GeoLinks we are launching one development project in 2020-2022, based on seismic ambient noise interferometry methods.

The use of ambient noise recordings to help understand the subsoil by means of seismic investigation is a constantly evolving field. For more than 10 years, these techniques have evolved and they make it possible to address certain problems linked to the use of the subsoil, for example in geothermal energy or in the injection / pumping of fluids of economic interest.

In collaboration with the CNRS and the IS-Terre laboratory in Grenoble, Geolinks is developing a new method of monitoring the subsoil based on these techniques in order to offer industrialists in the sector elements of control and management of the risks associated with injections into the basement.

In order to develop a new geophysical monitoring method to detect fluids movements at depth, we propose a 6-month study internship to evaluate this technique in the context of one pilot project on one underground gas storage site in South-West of France, as part of an applied research project.

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