Internship 6 months from February-April 2022

Internship 6 months from February-April 2022

Master 2 Internship in Geosciences for 5 to 6 months from March 2021

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November 26, 2021
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Join the GeoLinks team for your internship!

GeoLinks is the integrator of new solutions in Geosciences. Start-up created in January 2020,our mission is to develop Innovative and Cost-effective underground monitoring solutions that go far beyond the existing options. Why?

Because we believe our New Monitoring solution is key for allowing the large scale deployment of new Underground Energy Storage and CO2 storage, which is mandatory to achieve the objectives of limiting global warming under the 1.5°C.


At GeoLinks we are launching our development project in 2020-2022, based on seismic ambient noise interferometry methods.

In collaboration with the CNRS, Geolinks is evaluating potential industrial applications of a new academic method based on seismic ambient noise interferometry which allows the detection and monitoring of fluid movements in the underground. Various industrial activities, such as underground gas storage, geothermal production or industrial CO2 storage, will benefit from this innovative geophysical monitoring service.

In early 2022 we are launching our second large scale demonstrator field project, related to the monitoring of fluid movements within the porous geological formation surrounding the Saint-Parize fault, located south of the Paris Basin,where gas circulation is known to occur.

We propose a 6-month study internship whose mission will be to assist Geolinks research and operators team for the implementation of our field demonstrator. By doing so you will contribute to the evaluation and developmentof our innovative interferometry based monitoring technique.

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