Internship 6 months from February-April 2022

Internship 6 months from February 2023

Master 2 Internship in Geosciences for 5 to 6 months from March 2023

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October 26, 2022
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Join the GeoLinks team for your internship!

GeoLinks is a deep-tech start-up in Geosciences dedicated to deliver innovative and industrial solutions in the field of geophysical monitoring.

GeoLinks was cofounded in 2020 by 3experienced geophysicists from the industry having one strong conviction: Delivering cost effective underground geophysical monitoring solutions for industrial operators is key for a safe and sustainable use of the underground. GeoLinks solutions will accompany the large-scale deployment of the CO2 geological sequestration technology, thus contributing to lower carbon footprint and sustainable energy transition.

GeoLinks is laureate in 2022 of the highly selective iLab National Deep-tech contest. GeoLinks is supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, by the French sovereign Innovation public fund of Bpi-France, by the Reseau Entreprendre Essonne, by the Ile-de-France Paris region, by the French pole of competitiveness in Geosciences Avenia and by the Open innovation platform from Evolen.


Since 2020, in partnership with the French National Research Centre (CNRS) and our industrial partners, GeoLinks develops an innovative geophysical underground monitoring solution based on a patent from the CNRS, which describes how passive seismic interferometry can be used to monitor fluid movements within the subsurface.

This technology has potential application in numerous domains, such as CO2 geological storage, geothermal fields, H2exploration, hydrogeology. After two successful demonstrator projects in 2021 (gas storage) and 2022 (H2 exploration).

We are hence looking for motivated candidates willing to participate in this adventure.

In early 2022 we are launching our second large scale demonstrator field project, related to the monitoring of fluid movements within the porous geological formation surrounding the Saint-Parize fault, located south of the Paris Basin, where gas circulation is known to occur.

We propose a 6-month study internship whose mission will be to assist GeoLinks research team for the implementation of our field demonstrator. By doing so you will contribute to the evaluation and development of our innovative interferometry-based monitoring technique.

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