Researcher in Geophysics (PhD)

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Researcher PhD in Geosciences (open position from December 2022)

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October 26, 2022
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About This Position


Since 2020, in partnership with the French National Research Centre (CNRS) and our industrial partners, GeoLinks develops an innovative geophysical underground monitoring solution based on a patent from the CNRS, which describes how passive seismic interferometry can be used to monitor fluid movements within the subsurface.

This technology has potential application in numerous domains, such as CO2 geological storage, geothermal fields, H2exploration, hydrogeology. After two successful demonstrator projects in 2021(gas storage) and 2022 (H2 exploration) we wish to expand our R&D team to better constrain the sensitivity of the seismic monitoring tools we develop with the aim to deliver our first commercial monitoring services in 2024.

We are hence looking for an experienced researcher in seismic modelling and/or passive seismic interferometry to undertake seismic simulation work as well as participate to future developments within our R&D team.

Main missions

The job requires both autonomy andappetence for collaboration with other researchers from the GeoLinks R&Dteam and external partners. The main scientific objectives of the firstmissions are:

1.     Modelling the effect of seismicattenuation variations induced by subsurface fluid movements using seismicsimulation tools coupled with a petrophysical description of the involvedphenomena.


2.     Analysing the modelling resultshand in hand with the other members of the R&D team to improve the analysisprocesses, better extract information from seismic interferometric data andproduce demonstrative cases in various contexts (CO2 geological storage,Hydrogen storage, water resources).


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