From Seismic Noise to 3D Underground Fluid Displacement

GeoLinks launches one Innovative Solution to Monitor Underground Gas Storage !

Did you know that Underground Gas Storage is key to achieve a successful Energy Transition?

For example, in accordance with the Paris Agreement's objectives of limiting global warming to below 1.5° Celsius by 2050, we will need to multiply our capacities for underground C02 storage by 100. This is equivalent to filling 1 Billion Olympic swimming pools each year!

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The lightest Underground Monitoring Solution allowing us to see changes in Fluid Saturation using One Single Sensor

Our New Solution for Monitoring the Underground

Detection of Underground Fluids Movement by Coherency analysis of Cross-correlated seismic Waveform

Our new solution for Monitoring the Underground allows us to see changes in fluid saturation and detect leaks using at least One Single Sensor.

As you would expect, underground storage requires being safe and watching for leaks. Constantly improving and securing underground storages is a priority for industrial operators to prevent any risk of accidents or ecological disasters.

To address this strategic goal, GeoLinks develops an innovative, cost-effective underground monitoring solution that goes far beyond the existing options. Starting with a single sensor location we enable major leak detection over a large area.

This innovative method has been developed and tested in the context of earthquakes hazards. We have now taken on two key industrial players to perform a full-scale demonstration in France from April 2021.

We are looking for partners to support us in our R&D efforts, to industrialize and move to the commercial phase from 2023.

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